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From a student of design in the Czech Republic, Ondrash became one of the most unique styledartists in the business after many years of perfecting his particular style.

He started off doing the first part of his apprenticeship under a tattoo artist in the punk
scene called Vladimir Futak. Vladimir owned Knockout Tattoo in Prerov, where Ondrash started.

He mostly ended up cleaning the equipment whilst learning from the other tattoo artists by
watching them as he “did not trust his hand yet”at that point and he did not want to do something when he wasn’t completely ready. He took advice from everybody that he could get it from, good or bad. One of the less productive tips, was from a friend who told him to only tickle the skin with the needle but they both soon realised that this method did not work at all, especially not for colour tattoos.

Ondrash then did eight months of of formal tattoo training with Pepa Heller at a tattooing school to perk up his knowledge and abilities under proper supervision from professionals.

As a lover of many types of art, Ondrash was also a student of wood carving and restoration. Although he is also a painter, he studied design for eight years. Whilst studying design, he only tattooed on weekends in his free time at guest spots in the Czech Republic or at conventions  that he attended. As a painter, his preferred mediums are oil and aquarelle paint and alot of this shines through heavily in his work. Due to his love of aquarelle painting and his design background, he has developed a new unique style of “watercolour tattoos”. The media has called this style of art “brut tattooing”, a part of a new wave of modern French tattoo styles. Never before done, he takes design based ideas and uses his unique skill to make these tattoos look like realistic watercolour paintings.

To Ondrash, the best thing about his career and lifestyle is meeting new creative and
interesting people when tattooing in different countries and cities. Most of all he loves his freedom and enjoys travelling, as he uses the people he meets as inspiration for his work and new ideas.

He does not rely on one specific focus point but rather everything around him to motivate and inspire him as a tattooist, artist and overall traveller.

Ondrash absolutely loves life and believes it to be the best gift one could ever receive. The Czech artist also believes that this is why it is even more beautiful when used in art, as he does with each tattoo piece that he works on. Putting everything that he finds beautiful and inspirational into his work, seems to be a prerequisite for Ondrash.

Ondrash reckons what sets him apart from other tattoo artists is the fact that he tattoos
directly onto his client without pre-planning the design before doing it, as if it were tailor made for that individual person. He possesses absolutely no catalogues, only pictures of
pieces he had done previously on other clients, and interestingly, he refuses to do the same tattoo twice.

He is a firm believer in absolute originality and individuality, a breath of fresh air in a business where inspiration could quickly turn into monotony.