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Jeff Gogue

Until late 2008, Jeff Gogue was relatively new and unknown to the tattooing scene in London, UK. After his first appearance at the London Tattoo Convention he amassed fame almost instantly and walked away with several awards. Thereafter, Jeff has been attending the London Tattoo Convention every year and has become a regular tattoo artist there.

Jeff did his first tattoo in August of 1999 and after this, he began tattooing full-time in
August of 2000. With no training or apprenticeship under any professional tattooists, he taught  himself how to tattoo. The passion for tattooing comes from him being an artist and
a painter growing up and maintaining this passion in his free time. Even though he has absolutely no formal training, he has cited that through the years he has been mentored by other artists like Cory Norris of Classic Tattoo in Grass Valley, California and Kevin
Cox of Aces Tattoo in Reno, Nevada.

Gogue’s influences and inspiration ranges widely from Robert Hernandez, Bob Tyrrell and
Joe Capobainco to Nikko Hertado to Shige. His main goal in his tattooing career is to strive for a more creative, dynamic and refined style in his work. Jeff combines all these different style influences from the artists that inspire him to create a unique and individual style to his work. He describes his work to be nothing more than disciplined and methodical. His style can be described as very realistic, heavily influenced by traditional Japanese art in some pieces with unbelievably vibrant colours and fine detail where needed.

As a general artist, tattooist and painter, Jeff believes that it is very important for a tattoo to express the personality of the individual and getting it from more than one angle, artistically.
He also strongly believes that each tattoo should have a solid amount of deep meaning to the client, otherwise there is no point putting it in your skin where its going to stay for the
rest of your life and ultimately say something about you and your personality.

Good advice for most commitments in life, but especially for the art displaying your trademarks.