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3D Tattoing

Yes, you read correctly. They have gone there!

3D style tattoos are the new and rapidly rising favourite trend in the tattoo industry. Widely popular with new age trend chasers as well as people who get tattoos purely for decorative purposes and not for deeper meanings like spiritualism or tribal based reasons.


The art of 3D tattooing is in a category by itself. It has no set “genre” like biomechanical themed tattoos, geometrical tattoos, horror, surrealism or realism. It is simply a skill on its own, purely consisting of realism style tattooing and unimaginable shading skills that make these pieces come to life. The most common motifs to have tattooed in 3D are spiders, snakes, biomechanical sleeve designs, robotics under what looks like torn off flesh, geometric patterns, human portraits and various designs that look like they have been carved into the skin of the tattooee.

Tattoo artists who are interested in furthering their bounderies and getting into this unique style of tattooing must be well versed in realism, design, fine detail and precise shading to give it the desired 3D effect. It takes longer to master than any other style as it combines all types of tattooing, instead having just one element. 3D tattooing can go any and all ways when coming to what the tattoo itself could be, which makes it all the more challenging as it has no limits, specifics or rules beyond making it look like it is standing out of the skin or jumping out at you. Definitely a difficult method, but guaranteed to make an artist stand out from their peers.

Though there is not much detailed information on this specific style of tattooing, it is very clear that it is definitly a profound and unique new wave of body art, especially in this day and age where ANYTHING is plausible, and that includes insane talent that can achieve these designs. Just make sure you hit the race track or accumulate some Online Casino winnings, before embarking on a journey to getting one of these chubs in your flesh – they are just a tad higher in price range per square centimeter than most, if you know what I mean!