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Darren Brass

Darren was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but lives in Miami, Florida as a tattoo artist and television personality. He is featured in the TLC reality television series, Miami Ink.

He began his career as a tattoo artist when one of his friends introduced him to the art
of tattooing. Brass has been in the tattoo business ever since, which has been spanning over  thirteen years now.

Darren moved from Waterbury to try to push his career as a tattoo artist in a bigger,
better city like Miami, Florida. Working alongside television personalities such as Kat Von D, Darren used his place on Miami Ink as a way to showcase his art and also ply his skill in
tattooing. At that stage he was working in the LoveHate Parlour on Miami Ink.

One of the finest traits Darren is known for is his calm and friendly nature that always
makes his clients feel much more at ease when getting a tattoo, especially if they are nervous for any reason. This disposition has unfortunately caused him to have some problems with other artists that he worked for because they would constantly “bully” him for being too nice and too soft hearted. Try visiting this site best online casinos to get more information about how to gain moola online.

Darren’s influences in tattooing go back to the 1940’s with artists such as Don Ed Hardy. He specializes in lettering, but also in brightly coloured tattoos that easily catch the eye. Like many other great tattoo artists, Darren has no formal training in the field of tattooing and has honed his skill in the art through using trial and error as his teacher. Only after years since teaching himself to tattoo, did he actually start tattooing professionally, where he finally decided to do one year’s formal apprenticeship.

Although there is nothing much to find out about Darren in the mainstream media, he is a very unique and inspiring artist to those who admire his work and style of tattooing. But when it comes to the perfect ink-on-skin calligrapher, there are few who challenge him.